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Chimney Liner Installation

Chimney liners are required to safely remove any potentially harmful combustion byproducts from your home. There are two common types of chimney liners: clay, and stainless steel. You may require a stainless steel liner vs. clay tile for a number of reasons. One of...

Paver Patios & Outdoor Hardscapes

Brick or stone paver patios, walkways, and outdoor hardscapes can be a great investment to your home or business. They not only add a much greater aesthetic appeal, but also increase the value and functionality of your property. Pavers allow for countless color,...

Tuckpointing & Mortar Repair

The process of replacing deteriorated or cracked mortar is most commonly known as tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is necessary at some point on all masonry homes and buildings. This process is used as a preventative maintenance measure to avoid structural damage, that is more difficult to repair. It is ideal to repair any signs of cracking/deterioration before more significant damage has a chance to set in.

Chimney Repair Services – Milwaukee WI

Chimney repair is an essential component to keeping your home properly maintained. The principle function of a chimney is to vent combustion byproduct to the outside of your home. When properly maintained they will protect the structure, along with its residents, from fire and the hazardous effects of breathing carbon monoxide.

Historic Masonry Restoration

Historic restoration is the practice of restoring properties to their original historical character. Restoration on historical buildings focuses specifically on maintaining and preserving the original condition of the building. New restorative work should blend seamlessly into the existing structure.